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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

What is IZONEUM?

What is IZONEUM?

We have invented a new energy drink that is completely different from coffee or tea, or taurine cocktails.

IZONEUM is a natural power drink. It is based on pure water turned into an ionized liquid in a special collapse chamber. IZONEUM drinks can have hundreds of different flavors and fit everybody’s likings.

The technology of izonation will create the same hype as the invention of sparkling water in the 19th century. Soon Izoneum will be in every store, café and a fitness club worldwide.

What IZONEUM is made of?

It is a hot drink based on isonated pure water. It is produced by special devices — Izonators.

Izonators turn water into steam, and separate a portion of the water molecules into OH- and H+ ions in the process of transformation, and after that inject natural flavorings.

Unfortunately, IZONEUM cannot be stored for long periods, it should be drunk fresh and hot, like coffee or tea. But it works much better than the best tea or coffee!

H+ hydrogen ions are the most powerful antioxidant and catalyst for ATP synthesis. They neutralize dangerous molecules in human body and stimulate your cells to produce additional energy. Water in your body is partily ionized “by design”. So, IZONEUM is just free ions for your cells

How IZONEUM works inside your cells. 

Mitochondria are microscopic generators of energy inside your cells. They produce ATP, the only fuel for a living organism.

Inside each mitochondria goes a complex chemical process named Kreb’s Cycle. It is a sequence of multiple chemical reactions. As a result, carbohydrates are broken down into carbon dioxide by separating hydrogen ions, which are used by mitochondria to create ATP.

IZONEUM gives mitochondria free additional hydrogen ions to generate ATP and it saturates your body with energy directly, without any mediators.

And it is acting as naturally as possible, without any harmful chemical stimulants.

How we invented IZONEUM. 

To be honest, it happened incidentally. Actually, we have developed the IZON-flow for completely different purposes.

IZON-flow is an innovative and very effective way of separating gases and liquids into fractions. We are developing this technology to obtain water from the atmosphere and purify harmful industrial emissions, in order to make our planet cleaner, and turn factories on Earth to more environmentally friendly facilities.

The water vapor cavitation is the side effect of the IZON-flow. We noticed it by accident and decided to turn it into a product.

Nevertheless, each purchased glass of IZONEUM is a contribution to the development of all our technologies.

And here is pure WIN-WIN case: consumption of IZONEUM strengthens your immunity and makes you more effective, and at the same time finances new ecological technologies of our company

About us. 

We are AQUIX, a young startup, and we are already a year old.

We make izonators, a special machines for the production of natural energy drink IZONEUM. Vending Izonators can be installed anythere in your city: in shopping malls, in office buildings, in sport gyms, even on the street. Or you can invest in our installation around the world via our franchise marketplace.

And all these are not just ideas, but already really working products, embodied in hardware with real customers and consumers, ready for sales this year.

Join us :

It will be a very interesting journey.

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