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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Aquix Network communications plan for 2021

The closer we get to the launch of the first product on the market, the more often our investors began to ask us questions about marketing. How are we going to work? With whom? On what platforms? Have we considered this and that? We appreciate your interest: it always encourages us to do more and better. As a response, we have prepared a network communications plan: you can find presentations in Russian and English on YouTube. For those who have no time to watch or just prefer the text format, we write this article. In it, we will conduct a small excursion according to the plan. Join us!

🧬Key project events

To understand what we are doing and why, let's go through the key points that we are planning to go through in 2021.

2nd quarter. Start of sales of the IZONATOR Vending franchise.

3rd quarter. Launching of a network of vending machines with IZONEUM beverage.

4th quarter. Placing on cryptocurrency exchanges of the AQX token, AQUIX digital share.

All these events are important and dependent on each other. But the primary goal is to attract the attention of the crypto community to the AQX token, and all the other steps are needed in order for this token to have actual value.

🧬Step one: IZONATOR Vending Franchise

In the spring of 2021, we are launching franchise pre-sales. Our business partners will have a number of benefits.

✅You get ready-made business.

All you need is to purchase a vending machine and plug it into an outlet. It is not even necessary to buy out the entire device: you can become a co-owner of a vending. Or choose several devices in different parts of the earth and diversify your investments. Service and support are included in the franchise price.

✅Your business economy is completely transparent.

We understand how important it is to make the right management decisions on time. That is why we install special telemetry in our vending machines, which will allow us to control the distribution of profits and resources in real time. You don't need 10 years of experience to succeed. It is enough to be involved and choose the right partner.

✅The sales market for the IZONEUM beverage is very wide.

The product is designed for a wide range of solvent consumers. We will talk about them below.

We are going to attract franchisees not only through the material values ​​that our product can offer but also through the translation of our aspirations and internal guidelines. We want our franchisees to feel like they are engaged in a global business that is beneficial to the planet. We want them to associate this business with high profitability, but at the same time with simplicity and convenience. We want to provide them with enough information so that they can sleep well knowing that everything is under control, business is going well, and their lives are filled with meaning.

🧬Step two. IZONEUM beverage

In the third quarter, we plan to launch the first, small network of vending machines and test it in Omsk in order to work out all possible situations on the spot and then apply the gained experience around the world. For the launch to be successful, we must prepare the target audience. We want it to wait for the product to enter the market, to be “warmed up”.

To do this, we build up the positioning of IZONEUM, basing it on associations with a fashionable, modern product; with a drink that allows you to be not only energetic but also effective. We focus on conscious consumers because IZONEUM is for those who value a saturated and successful life.

Who are these people? who is our target audience?

IT specialists

Of course, we started with ourselves. We understand these people well because these are most of our team, and if this product is interesting to us (namely, our working days begin with IZONEUM), then it will interest millions of people like us.

IZONEUM will be interesting to programmers, IT specialists, engineers, gamers - in general, everyone who spends most of their days in front of the screens of working devices, under the pressure of workaholism. It is important for them to be focused and alert, but at the same time not to be distracted by such nonsense as cooking.

IZONEUM offers them:

✅Enhancing brain function due to additional oxygen.

✅Increasing the duration of concentration on the information.

✅Reducing the time for taking food.


We are talking about both professional athletes and coaches, and just about people who cannot imagine their life without active physical activity. It is important for them to feel athletic, to become better, to overcome and expand the limits of their body's capabilities, to increase performance in training, to build muscle mass or lose weight. They want more from their bodies.

IZONEUM offers them:

✅Increased endurance for a long time.

✅Activation of metabolic processes in the body.

✅Prolongation of the resource state of the cell.


We call biohackers people who strive to look and feel good. They are constantly turning to the beauty industry and extending their active lifestyle. For them, the condition of the skin and hair, digestion and internal state are important. They want more from their appearance.

IZONEUM offers them:

✅Normalization of weight through practical consumption.

✅Supplying the body with balanced supplements.

✅Strengthening immunity and resistance to pathogens.

How are we going to work with all of them? Through social media, of course.

We need an organically obtained target audience, because views, likes, comments, reposts are all important, but we don't want to use bots. We want people to want to share what they like, and for this, we build a dialogue with the audience.

We create content about practicality, conscious consumption, about a better life available to everyone. We are going to show a lifestyle close to our consumers, a test of the drink's action in everyday reality, reviews. And the visual series will accompany all this with the style of cyberpunk in the context of biohacking. We set the trends ourselves and will be happy to do this together with those who also want to spin the planet at their own pace.

And of course, our IZONEUM will have its own Instagram and Tik Tok. The first is for the aesthetics of consumption, the second is for life as it is.

🧬Step three. Entering crypto-exchanges

The previous two steps prepare us for the main event of the year: entering crypto-exchanges. We want our investors to understand that they are not buying just another coin with a beautiful story behind which nothing stands, but a real digital asset secured by a real business.

And this is where the value of the AQX token lies, which we will broadcast through the created content.

✅Liquidity. The token is used in internal economic processes, which means it is easy to operate with.

✅Hybridity. The owner of the token invests in several areas at once: the sale of the IZONEUM drink, gas cleaning, water generation.

✅Transparency. We understand that transparency is one of the main values for businessmen of the 21st century, which is why we provide online numbers and and show the team live.

✅Profitability. The token is secured by dividends from real business.

✅Security. The company is subject to the European legal system.

✅Risk-free. The ability to invest in a project through DeFi. This is a separate large topic, which we will cover a little later.

In total, our goal is to convey to the crypto community that the AQX token is a valuable asset for a long-term crypto portfolio.

Of course, we understand that the crypto community plays by its own rules, so we will use reddit, Clubhouse and specialized crypto platforms.

In addition, we have big plans for development in Telegram and YouTube, we will broadcast live 24/7 and conduct research ourselves, as well as give products for independent examination.
We hope you now understand that we are 200% prepared. Very soon you will be able to observe the implementation of this plan, but for now, we suggest using our presentation to attract partners.

You can find a network communications plan here:


Support us! Share these documents and our social networks with potential partners. Together we will succeed!

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