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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

AQUIX is an officially registered joint stock company Join Now

AQUIX is an officially registered joint stock company under European law.  Has patents for IZON technology.
 The company maintains completely transparent accounting reports to shareholders.

 Next, I will tell you about the company's equipment!
 AQUIX has discovered and developed technologies that allow:

 1. At home, get an energy drink, which is essentially a cellular nutrition of the body.
 The basis of the drink is water treated by the IZON-flow technology (intensively swirling gas flow).
 The drink not only nourishes the cells, replacing ordinary food, but also cleanses the body of radicals.

 Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing the development of various diseases and aging of the body.
 Technology implementation :
 In March 2021, AQUIX will start selling a franchise for the installation of vending machines.  Vending machines are ready for mass production.  At the moment, the company has requests from 9 countries for the installation of vending machines.  Already in the middle of 2021, the company will reach the net profit from the production of vending and will begin to pay dividends to the holders of AQUIX shares.  The company does not plan to sell all of its shares.  After starting to profit from the vending machines, the company will complete the sale of shares.  In October 2021, AQUIX will go public on cryptocurrency exchanges and complete the sale of shares.

 2. Purify the air from dust, sublimation, bacteria and tobacco smoke within a radius of 100 square meters.  m.

 3. Purify exhaust gases produced by factories and cars from suspended particles with an efficiency of 99.999%.
 Get up to 30% of the Tuesday product from purified air.  That is why the gas cleaning plants will pay off within 3 years and will start making a profit for the plant that installed the gas cleaning technology from the AQUIX company.  Industrial equipment for gas cleaning will be used at more than 10 factories in Russia, Ukraine, South Korea.

 5. Extract water from the atmosphere.  Produce up to 768 tons of water per day from the air.  Equipment for the extraction of water from the atmosphere will be used for the United Arab Emirates in Indonesia.  The technology for extracting water from the atmosphere has no competitors in the world market.

 For the stage of mass production of household equipment and preparing it for sale, in 2019 the company opened a crowdfunding platform based on investments.  Thus, the organized platform allows anyone around the world to become an investor and purchase AQUIX shares.

 JSC AQUIX in numbers
 The company entered the information space in September 2019.

 16,000 people from more than 140 countries took part in the project
 They own 61,748,102 shares out of the 250 million issued for sale.
 The company's shareholding ranges from the smallest $ 48 to $ 188,416 thousand.
 How do we assess the prospects for AQUIX technologies?
 When we talk about the prospects, then of course it is related to the market.  The key point is that technologies related to the safety of the Earth have the potential to dominate the market!

 There are three interesting points that allow us to objectively assess the market from the standpoint of technology:

 1. IZONEUM drink is unique in its properties and has no analogues in the world.  Vending machines are the best that will help to distribute the IZONEUM beverage all over the world.  Our 16,000 partners are not only stock holders, but also a product selling network, which is ready to ensure the distribution of the company's products in 140 countries of the planet.

 2. The greenhouse gas effect. 
 One of the significant greenhouse gas contributors is the exhaust fumes from factories around the world, which release many harmful compounds into the atmosphere.

 The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Institute for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has stated that global temperatures have increased by about 2-3 degrees Fahrenheit over the past 20 years.

 This continuing bad trend could mean that future generations will face severe climate change impacts, including:

 temperature changes
 extreme weather conditions
 sea ​​level rise and damage to terrestrial aquatic ecosystems.
 Information on the link.

 Awareness of reducing hazardous emissions must be a global problem.  The whole world is committed to this in the Paris Agreement.

 Information on the link.

 3. Paris Agreement

 From November 30 to December 12, 2015, at the 21st annual conference of the members of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), held in Paris, an agreement was developed to oversee the effective reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, which will enter into force in 2020  ...

 The draft agreement was signed by 175 countries on April 22, 2016 in New York, USA.

 The main goal of the agreement is to strengthen the global fight against the threat of climate change, including:

 Withstand the rate at which global temperatures rise to below 2 degrees Celsius from before the industrial revolution and achieve efforts to limit temperature changes to at least 1.5 degrees Celsius.
 This limitation will significantly reduce the risks and impacts of climate change.
 Improve the ability to adapt to the impacts of climate change, increase resilience to climate change and develop low greenhouse gas emissions without jeopardizing food production.
 Build stable financial resources to achieve low greenhouse gas emissions and climate resilience development.
 The third main goal of the Paris Agreement - TO CREATE A PERMANENT FINANCIAL PROPOSAL - clearly indicates the full support of financial resources around the world for the implementation of technologies that have an impact on reducing the impact of greenhouse gases.

 AQUIX technology ensures 100% efficiency in exhaust gas cleaning, which means it solves the problem of greenhouse gases.

 4. Water crisis - NO WATER, NO FUTURE!

 If we think that water is everywhere and does not run out, we are wrong.  71% of the land is actually covered with water.  But this is sea water.

 Fresh water is only two percent.
 Fresh water that can be accessed - maximum one percent.
 The rest is in the form of pieces of ice or glaciers.

 Meanwhile, according to National Geographic estimates, only 0.007 percent of fresh water is available on the planet.  This small amount is used to support the seven billion people who currently inhabit the earth.

 According to Desert Land: Life After Warming (2019), four billion people, or two-thirds of the population, currently live in areas that experience drought for at least one month each year.

 In about 10 years, demand for water will exceed supply by 40%.  According to World Bank research, the availability of clean water in cities around the world will decline by two-thirds.

 In many countries on the African continent, citizens are forced to consume only 20 liters of water per day to eat and wash themselves.

 AQUIX can solve these problems with technology that can produce hundreds of tons of water from air every day at low cost.

 AQUIX is ready to meet the challenges of the future and has a strong foundation in developed and tested technologies.
 And we are talking about a market with a valuation of billions of dollars.

 Join AQUIX!  

 Unite to save the planet.

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