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Monday, January 25, 2021

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We Share Abundance is a Non-Profit Charitable Organisation. 
The objectives of We Share Abundance are to fight poverty and suffering on a global scale, while promoting equality, love and sharing.

Our mission is to build a community of like minded individuals who seek more than just material abundance; a community built around service to others and so providing a path to spiritual gratification and true happiness through abundance in God.

The structure of our community resembles that of a republic and as such we are a "Cloud Nation" created under God.

We have our own constitution, econonomy and currency which is the WESA Token.

WESA Tokens are distributed at no cost to ALL citizens each month in varying quantities based on the contributions of love and service that they as individuals offer.

We are focused on "The Power Of One"; One God, One Nation, One individual as a part of our nation.

Who can We Share Abundance benefit?

First and foremost anyone can become a member of our nation as long as they are of legal age in their country of residence and are prepared to abide by our rules.
Charity begins at home and the distribution of WESA Tokens each month ensures that all our citizens can prosper simply be being a part of our  nation and performing tasks of service as simple as logging in each day and reading any messages they may receive from their peers.

It is the objective of We Share Abundance that every citizen is able to satisfy their needs for life and then, if they desire, go on to also satisfy their wants.

The value of WESA Tokens is calculated each month based on the distribution which is limited to a total of 20,000 Tokens per month; this value is always guaranteed within our nation and cannot be reduced.

While we cannot guarantee the Market Value of WESA Tokens trading outside our nation, our citizens are encouraged not to sell or buy at prices lower than our Guaranteed Minimum value and this tends to keep the Market Value consistent with our Guaranteed Minimum Value.

70% of the Token allocation each month goes to the citizens with a small portion for administration costs and 30% goes to a Charity Fund to be used outside our nation for causes including, but not limited to....

Taking orphans to Disneyland 

Providing clean water where it is lacked

Starting agriculture in areas of famine

Planting trees as a part of agricultural projects

10% of the charity fund is always allocated to Self Realization Fellowship as without their teachings this nation would not exist.

Funds are raised for charity by the sale of the Tokens held in the charity fund either on the open market or within the community to citizens.

There is nothing any citizen is ever required to buy to participate in the monthly allocations, but Tokens aquired either through Free distribution or trading may be deposited and so increase the value of their monthly allocation. This can also be increased by sharing citizenship with others who also make deposits.
Deposits of this nature are likened to Stakes in mining of Crypto Currenciesa nd help keep the market value up by reducing the supply in the marketplace.

Everything offered to our citizens is a gift from the nation and not guaranteed. The only guarantee is that any WESA Tokens deposited may at any time be requested and returned to the member less any amounts already withdrawn.

To participate in our Nation and start receiving benefits today click here now!

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