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Business opportunity join Now

Why join Solmax Global/Igniter100 UK?

➡️You get return on your investment 1% to 2% daily, 75% in cash and 25% in Smart Shares.

➡️Shares which u can easily trade for cash and make profits weekly.

➡️You get a free online education program.Blockchain technology and other educational courses over 300 in 30 languages all for free with a world class certificate that's valid,just by been a member of Solmax Igniter100 UK

➡️You Either choose whether you only want to be an investor or do the business by inviting others.. optional.


❤Join Us Now❤

*1. Smart - £25* 
*2. Rockie - £50*
*3. Basic - £100*
*4. Starter - £250*
*5. Executive - £500*
*6. Premium-£1000*
*7. Professional -£2500*
*8. Elite - £5000*

SOLMAX is here to DOMINATE👏👏🔥🔥🔥💪💪

Minimum Investment is £25-MAXIMUM £25,000 & ABOVE

*Minimum withdrawal is £5-30 GBP*

*You will make Daily 1% to 2%*

*You get lots of bonuses e.g:*

*Matching Bonus 50% TOTAL paid Weekly*


Direct referral bonus 10% paid instantly

Binary Bonus 10% paid every Monday

i100 promotional bonus

Regular Webinars with Global leaders and CEO. CFO & COO

Payment Gateways: Bank, Credit cards( Visa, Master card etc, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Perfect Money & Gift code..wallet to wallet)

Understanding what the SOLMAX business opportunity is all about.
1) Solmax is the marketing partner for a technology company called igniter100. Solmax is marketing all igniter100 projects worldwide through direct marketing and affiliate marketing plan. 

2) Solmax is a London based company registered and in business since 2017. Regulated by the FCA and member of London Chamber Of Commerce & Industries.

3) What Does Solmax Do To Generate Money? 

4) Through the marketing of over 100 projects ran by igniter100 worldwide in 7 key Eco Systems.  

5) Igniter100 is a company with many projects in the Blockchain, Fintech, Ecommerce, Digital Banking, SAAS, AI and Energy eco system. 

6) Igniter100 has over 100 projects in 7 key Eco Systems actively running worldwide, of which 93 of these projects are external and 6 are internal projects. 

7) External projects are companies that igniter100 have invested in and they own stake of the company, while internal projects are projects that are 100% owned by igniter100. 

8) How can i benefit from all this???

9) By buying investment packages through the SOLMAX business opportunity. 

10) What do i benefit from buying these packages?

11) Igniter100 is the company you are investing in when you buy an investment package through the SOLMAX business opportunity.  

12) Solmax is giving opportunities to members to become Stake Holders in all igniter100 projects worldwide and share PROFIT with the company every day.

13) All members who buy an investment package enjoy the following package benefits.


- Igniter100 STOs (Equity shares) that gives you ownership in all igniter100 projects worldwide both internal and external. 

- You get paid 1% daily ROI of whatever you invested for 200 working days (Sat & Sun not inclusive) of which 75% of daily ROI is paid to an Open Account which you can withdraw from every week on Mondays and 25% paid to Trade Account and used to buy you Shares in igniter100. Calculated monthly is 20% of which 15% is paid to you in cash and 5% paid to you on Shares.

- Solmax reserves 100 slots for the first 100 members in a country to invest £5000 or above on first come first serve basis for PCM (President Club Members). They share 2% of Solmax daily sales this benefit is very huge, currently in Nigeria it is filling up very fast last week was 10 slots left and counting in Nigeria. 

- Also you get free Academic Credit Units to study over 300 courses on FinTech in 25 different languages in the Igniter-Acamedy, and you are given certificate of international standard after study by prestigious educational institutions in UK one of which is; City and Guilds London Institute founded by the Queen of England. 

14) Everyone is a winner in Solmax, you don't need to refer to earn. Just register, invest and earn money every day you also get equity shares of igniter that gives you ownership of all igniter100 projects worldwide. You are given acedmic credit units to study over 300 courses on Fintech (Financial technology) in over 30 different languages and given certificate after study. 
15) You can either come in as an INVESTOR or an INDEPENDENT MARKETING PARTNER (IMP). However you make money. 

16) An investor is who wants to put in his money and don't want to refer anybody, you enjoy all the afarmentioned package benefits i stated earlier. But if you refer you are an independent marketing partner (IMP), you will get same package benefits also make more money through the Solmax compensation plan. 

17) Solmax Compensation Plan.👇
- Direct referral bonus 10%
- Team bonus 10%
- Matching bonus 20%
- Rank bonuses include; Amazon tablets, Apple smart watch, Mac Air laptop, Rolex, Mercedes Benz car, Maserati car, Bentley continental, Rose royce.


_How do l make money as a networker aside my shares_

We are earning from 6 different bonuses and outstanding Awards.💪💃🕺🚘🚖

✅Direct Bonus
✅Team Bonus
✅Matching Bonus 
✅PCM Bonus
✅i100 Bonus
✅Leadership Ranks and Awards

 *_Paid instantly!_*
*_No capping!_*
Director bonus is earned on every direct sponsor Package either left or right.

*_Paid weekly_*
Team Bonus is calculated from the team structure based on the revenue generated in the left and right team. 
10% Team bonus is paid on business volume in the weaker leg or team.

Matching Bonus is paid depending on your Package. The higher your Package, the higher the % earned. *Matching bonus is paid on the gross team bonus paid to members.* 

Its simply the club of *"ELITE."*
(i) Member should have Elite or higher Package.
(ii) Membership is limited to first 100 members per country on first come first serve basis.
(iii) This bonus is paid on daily basis.
*Hypnotical Example:*
A. Monthly sale £3MILLION
B. PCM bonus allocation 2% of sales i.e 60,000.
C. Total PC Members 100.
D. Per member share £60,000/100=£600

Every member who buys an igniter Academy Package will receive promotional i100 Tokens. Members can either lock these i100 for 12 months for additional 100% token or Receive up to 2% DAILY promotional tokens. 
*Note:* 75% of these i100 tokens will be transferred to *Open account* and 25% of these tokens will be paid in *Saving account.*.   

Apple Watch🤝
Apple iPad 🤜🤛
Macbook Air laptop👊
Rolex Watch👌 
Mercedes car 🚘 Maserati v  💪🚘 

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