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So basically I’m a broker for a company called igniter100 this means that i am legally allowed to provide the public with shares into this company as it’s an ipo(initial public offering)

Igniter is basically a modern day Berkshire Hathaway ( warren buffets company) if you don’t know who this is he is the 3rd richest man in the world but is the richest investor.

Berkshire Hathaway is a large investment fund in which they own many smaller companies within it, this diversifies their investment, decreasing the risk - 

To give a brief example if you invest into 5 companies rather than one the reward the risk is spread so you only need one of them to succeed to do well!

Igniter 100 has a similar model - it is a VAT and UK registered business with offices in bank (info available on companies house) : a crowdfunding company which invests in startup projects and these consist of two categories: External and internal 

igniter100 basically fund 93+ C level companies meaning companies which have been running for a min of a year and are already generating profit a couple of projects being funded by igniter 100 are a company called poly solar which instead of using solar panels aim to turn all your glass windows and doors into being able to absorb the suns oenergy to power your house another is called fingopay which uses your biometric system aka veins in order to make payments and other things this was already on the news and if you invest or trade you know if somethings on the news then it’s gonna blow because pple don’t even need to know much about it but because it’s on the news (cnn) pple will trust it. It’s valuation went from 1 mill to when it first opened up to 30 mill being backed by nhs and universities another company they fund is an AI company and I don’t need to talk much about artificial intelligence we all know that’s the future of engineering and fintech and this company has been running for over a year now imagine 10’years from now. So those are some of the companies out of 93 they fund and what igniter gains is a 1-10% stake in each of these companies and you investing into igniter as it’s the parent company you gain a percentage of shares in each one of those projects as well as the ones emphasise that the companies are already thriving and igniter doesn’t invest into any old project - they have to have a solid business plan etc 

While the Internal projects are Igniter’s own and are owned 100 percent by igniter. 

There are currently 6 projects that are being worked on with 2 already having been launched 

1) Yourent: lettings agency with links to right move and zoopla, not in competition but working with these companies it is predicted to capture 5% of housing market by 2021 evaluated at 300 mill from juss one project : the website is 

2) Practice pa: accounting based software with 16 tools in one service which allow accountants easier accessibility and convenience already it is being praised and used by big accounting firms (Type in practice pa on google it will come up) 

The other projects consist of 

3. igniter Mtf (like a MetaTrader 4 platform to trade stocks currencies and crypto)

4. kryptochange the first exchange for convenience - directly buy any crypto with fiat all on one exchange 

5.Igniter Pay - e-bank which is coming out end of the year as well as the other projects so this ebank will allow you to use your card in over 210 different countries to put that into perspective for you there’s about 240ish countries/territories in the world and monzo only works in Europe and was able to turn over a billion in first year or two Europe is only like 44 countries imagine 210 bro it’s a Mazza I won’t even tell u the valuation of this project coss id rather undersell and overdeliver.

6. Master index - developed by Gareth Parker, 

so if you trade you would of heard of ftse100 (an index) this is basically the top 100 businesses in the whole of uk which produce billions of pounds 4 developers created it.

one of the four developers of the ftse100 is now partnering up with igniter and igniter is planning to have its own index where you can trade the companies it has invested into as well as others so pple can trade in them Mr Parker owns a stake of 15 percent in the master index so it is in his best interest also for it to succeed 

How you can get involved: 

The company is offering 49 percent of its shares to the public in an IPO (initial public offering)

While angel investors own a 20 percent stake and 30 percent are owned by corporate. 

By you buying shares in (Igniter100) you would be buying shares in innovative fintech projects which aim to change the future of finance and many other industries alike. You have a chance to be a part of something bigger! Your investment will be split equally amongst the six projects ... 

The future valuation of the company at 6 billion 

If you were to get the £500 investment pack you would own 2,777 shares in the company. If you do the maths to that I guarantee you would have a great day! If you have that many shares and when they open shares rises to £6 per shares you would be on more than £16,600.

Share price is 19p Let’s say the aim is to have 5k in the business That means you have 29000 shares It’s predicted that by 2021 before it enters the stock exchange price will worst case scenario be 6 pounds 
Meaning you will get 178k in shares in 15 months
But if you were to keep the shares and not sell it you will get dividends this is basically a legal obligation from the business to pay you every month for being a shareholder to put this in perspective it’s 0.19 pounds a share atm so if you have 5k invested that will mean the business itself once released onto the London stock exchange you will be paid 2900 pounds every month so imagine if the price goes to 6 pound

Packages : 

£100 by 2021 = £3,157

£250 by 2021 = £7,894

£500 by 2021 = £15,789

£1000 by 2021 = £31,578

£2500 by 2021 = £78,947

£5000 by 2021 = £157,849

£10,000 by 2021 = £315,789

With a £10,000 investor there is a contract that states a money back guarantee if anything goes wrong in the business you will get you’re full £10,000 refunded to you. 

If you have any questions please let me know so I can answer it 

If you want further information I can host a presentation for or invite you to our office in central London. If you are not from London feel free to contact me . 


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