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The secret about money! Money is a resource that everyone is after, but the secret which everyone isn't aware of, is that money don't just come. It is attracted by the environment one would have created. Instead of pursuing money, pursue an idea. Why? Because money pursue ideas. Take a deep look at how money circulates from one person to another. If you do not have an idea you won't have money. Money doesn't stay in one pocket, on one person. Why? Because no one owns money, no one has power over money. The only thing that has power over money is an idea. 
An idea is the power of humanity over money. When you have an idea you attract money but it does not mean to say you are going to have it forever. Keep improving, upgrading your idea because money is attracted to the best idea. That is why people believe that money comes and goes. When money leaves your pocket it goes to someone with a better idea than yours. If you want to have money and success in life be a problem solver. Look for problems and turn them into opportunities. There are a lot of successful businesses that fell because of lack of new ideas on how to upgrade and improve their departments.
 rich and successful person started with an idea. These clothes we are putting on started as an idea, these chairs we sit on started as an idea, the light bulb started as an idea, everything else started as an idea, so there is a need to come up with an idea before money. Money is the last thing to consider because it follows our thoughts. The most critical thing needed in life to be successful is not money or anything material but just an idea. Take a deep look into your life and be true to yourself. How many ideas did you come up with and how many have you pursued? Don't blame the economy or anyone, blame yourself and your thinking.
Your thoughts made you! Change the way you think and start thinking positively abt your life and take progress. Money is always hidden behind an idea!!!!!            Food of thought 💨💨💨


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