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*Partner Affiliates Program*

Partner Affiliates Program
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Partner Affiliates Program
With the aim of its further development, AttonBank Internet Bank provides a special affiliate program to invite new customers.
Anyone who has his own website or some other web resource, can - without any investment - regularly receive additional income by informing people about the Internet bank AttonBank.

The affiliate program daily income is 25 (twenty-five) percent of the newly invited client daily income.

For example, you have invited a new customer who has deposited 1000 USD to his account in the Internet bank AttonBank. Accordingly, his daily income is 10 USD, that is 1%. Thus, your daily income from the affiliate program for that client is 2.5 USD, that is, 25% of his daily income.

To do that, the newly invited client should:
- register by a unique (referral) link in the form
that is present on the client's Personal Account main page.
- or specify a unique personal affiliate code directly at the time of his registration in AttonBank Internet Bank as a client - in his registration form.

Visually, the affiliate program is presented on the client's Personal Account as a scheme where you can see what amount and for whom it is from your newly invited clients that additional income is generated.

For participants in the affiliate program, who have invited a hundred and more new customers with a positive account balance as clients to the AttonBank Internet Bank, an additional bonus is provided. Their daily income from an affiliate program is 30 (thirty) percent of the daily income of each newly invited client, that is, five percent higher than the standard affiliate rate.

Attention! Registration of a newly invited client in the AttonBank Internet Bank, performed with the help of the client's personal computer, or with his IP address, is unacceptable.

It is also unacceptable to register as a newly invited client any of his family members.
Attention! Inviting new customers to AttonBank Internet Bank through unauthorized mass mailings (SPAM) is unacceptable.

Violation of the rules by the client may entail adverse legal consequences for the client.

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