Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Atomy kazakhstan Business updates ( Free Business Kazakhstan global opportunity )

1[Kazakhstan] I'm from Kazakhstan. I currently have Atomy membership in another Atomy branch. Can I change my membership to Atomy in Kazakhstan?
Notice Board  Reply :Yes, in this case, supporting documentation must be submitted. For more details, please, contact Atomy Russia branch.
Tel.: 8 (800) 444-41-79, +7 (495) 189-74-94.

Notice Board  Reply :Please, contact to Atomy Russia branch. Atomy Russia will coordinate members from Kazakhstan.

Tel.: 8 (800) 444-41-79, +7 (495) 189-74-94.
Email: russia@atomy.kr
[Kazakhstan] How can I maintain the membership?Notice Board  Reply :In order to keep your membership activated, you need to buy at least one product (with PV) in a year. In other words, your membership will stay activated even if you buy 1 set of toothbrushes in a year.​

4.[Kazakhstan] What are the terms and conditions of membership for Kazakhstan members?
Notice Board  Reply :There are 2 categories of membership for Kazakhstan members: consumer member and distributor member. Requirements to register as a consumer member are the same as for Russian members.
Individual entrepreneurs over 18 years old registered in Kazakhstan can join as a distributor member. To verify as a distributor ID card, IIN and bank data are required to submit.

[Kazakhstan] Is it possible for Kazakhstan members to apply for pre-verification?Notice Board  Reply :No, members from Kazakhstan cannot apply for pre-verification procedure. To receive commission Kazakhstan member should be a verified distributor.

[Kazakhstan] What are the requirements for commission receive to Kazakhstan members?Notice Board  Reply :To receive commission a member from Kazakhstan should be a verified distributor.

7.[Kazakhstan] What are the requirements for Education Center registration?

Notice Board  Reply :Leader of Education center should fulfill the following requirement:
Documents required:

-       1.  Application for Education Center registration
-       2.   Sponsorship letter from Leaders Club member
-       3. Education Center leader’s resume
-       4. Description of the room of Education center
-       5.  Pictures of Education Center
-       6. Education Center layout plan
-       7.  Address of the Education Center
-       8. Estimated quantity of members that will attend Education Center

Please, send necessary documents to russia@atomy.kr.

[Kazakhstan] What are the shipping conditions to Kazakhstan?Notice Board  Reply :Shipping will be delivered only to Education Centers.​

What are the terms and conditions of membership in Atomy Russia?Notice Board  Reply: There are 2 categories of membership in Atomy Russia: consumer member and distributor member.
To join as a consumer member, you must be Russian, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan citizen over 18 years old.
*What is a consumer member? – It's a member who uses the Atomy products for own consumption without receiving commission.

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