Saturday, August 10, 2019

Atomy India News update

1.I'm Indian Atomy member in another Atomy international corporation. Can I change my membership under Atomy India?

Reply: You can do so if you have been a member in another country with legitimate qualifications. We will inform in future about the required documents.

Can I make and use my own advertising material?
 Reply :Personal advertising materials are not allowed. 
You are not allowed to use the Atomy trademark (logo) without permission for your personal advertising material or online or offline. Offline advertising material or in any other manner whatsoever. 
The use of Atomy brand name shall be restricted to the sole purpose of indicating your distributorship agency of Atomy, India. You cannot claim ownership, co-ownership or other affiliations with the brand except for the limited purpose of distributorship.
Reply: It will be similar to Korean members.

Some promotions may be adjusted slightly to suit the situation in India.4.When will the advertising material in English and Hindi be distributed?Reply:We will officially provide it through corresponding website meant for Indian operations and activities.

4.When will the advertising material in English andHindi be distributed?Reply:We will officially provide it through corresponding website meant for Indian operations and activities.

5.What is a couple member?Reply:A married couple must be active in one account (code) and divided into a main operator and a secondary (subsidiary) operator. The commission will be paid to the main member.
Reply: After opening the Atomy India website, you may contact to the office of Atomy, India.

Notification link:
7.How do I refund/exchange the product?

Reply: Please fill out the application form and contact us. 
For the exchange and refund, the shipping company will visit you to the address which you submitted, and you can return or exchange the products through them. 
The process will be followed after we officially open and launch in India.

8.How will my PV changed, if I returnthe purchased items?Reply:Your PV for the returned item will be deducted.
Reply:PV means Point value and it is the point assigned to each product.
It is the standard to calculate the score for masterships and commissions.
Reply:Please refrain from importing and distributing products that have not undergone the formal registration and custom clearance since they can be punished as illegal action. But you may bring them only for your personal use. 
The sales activity of Atomy products in India shall be pursuant to a formal agreement that shall be executed between Atomy India and you who shall act as a distributor after necessary approvals and registrations have been obtained in this regard. 
Atomy India follows ethical business practices and endorses the same for all its members and distributors.

11.Do I need to have my own bank account to become a memberof Atomy?Reply:You must have a bank account in order to receive commission.
12.Can I sell Atomy products before Atomy India is officialopened?Reply:It shall be against the law of land as well as company policy if you sell and distribute Atomy products in India before the official opening or launching. 
You can only do that after purchasing them from Atomy India shopping mall after the official opening or launching in India.

How can I maintain the membership?Reply:In order to keep your membership activated, you need to buy at least one product (with PV) in one year.
For example, your membership will activated when you buy only 1 set of toothbrushes a year.

Do I have to pay for registration fee to join Atomy?Reply:No, there is no registration fee for joining Atomy. Any person claiming to charge for joining or taking registration fees shall be punishable as per company policy & norms. All complaints in this regard may be brought immediately to the notice of the Management of Atomy, India.

15.How can I contact Atomy India?Reply:Once the office is set up, we will upload our phone number. It will be notified on FAQ section.
Reply: It will be in Gurugram (near New Delhi).
Reply: We do not have any official website of Atomy India yet, nor Atomy India shopping mall has opened yet. It will be ready next year once we open or  launch in India.
Please be aware of many websites, Facebook page or group etc. running independently which are not official website run by Atomy. The only official website is “”
18.When will the official Atomy India Website & Online Shopping mall be launched?
Reply:We expected that it will be officially launched around early 2020.
 Reply:Unfortunately, you can only receive the products in Korea if you order them on Atomy Korea Online Shopping mall. It is not delivered to India or any other countries.
Reply:We expected that Atomy India will be officially opened around early 2020 and Grand Opening Ceremony will be held between three and six months after the business starts.

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