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Atomy Business Opportunity

ATOMY OPPORTUNITY :Imagine when Costco opened, that you were given the opportunity to make commissions from the purchases of people that you referred to Costco. Not only that but when they referred others to Costco, you could make commissions from their purchases too.Except it gets better because Atomy is FREE to join! With No Monthly FeesNo Auto Ship and No Obligations.

Success for All : Atomy's products are marketed exclusively through its members, or at least the ones who choose to do so. Regular members can choose to upgrade to business distributors for free, allowing them a) access to even lower pricing and b) the opportunity to generate extra income by introducing Atomy to others; word of mouth marketing. You can generate income two main ways: (1) by generating commission through the binary compensation plan (see below) and/or (2) though direct sales (legality depends on your country of operation). Atomy offers all its members a full business opportunity as well as the chance to become a “smartsumer.”


Atomy’s marketing structure is what’s known as a binary compensation plan in the multi-level marketing world. This structure has two sides, otherwise known as “downlines”. Because a member can only have two people in their front line, any referred member must be put to the next available position. Typically a member builds one side while their sponsor adds new members to their other side, but not all members choose to build their sides. By signing up through Atomy Global, you will sign up as a regular consumer member, but you can choose to upgrade to a business member, which is completely free. Even if you choose not to do so immediately, Atomy Global will be working to assist you in building one side through new signups. Note, however, that you are under no pressure to go beyond being a simple consumer member of Atomy products, but it’s great to be aware of the benefits to be had. Even someone with less-than-average marketing skills has the potential to succeed in the binary compensation plan.


With Atomy there is no selling involved. You can earn commissions, bonuses and are promoted as others you talk to join Atomy and buy and promote Atomy to others. Here are the ways you make money:

  1. General Daily Commissions
  2. Mastership and Masters’ Bonus
  3. Mastership Promotions and Incentives (Products, Laptop, Travel, Cash, Cars, Office, Driver, Expense Account)
  4. Open Education Center (6% of centers total PV)
Details of The Commissions Plan please refer to Compensation Plan.
Point Values (PV) = Cash :

Each product will have different PV. If you purchase yourself you’ll have Personal PV. If your members that underneath you purchase the product they’ll have Personal PV & you’ll have Group PV (Either Left or Right).
You’ll notice that even same product sometimes the PV & price is different. Either A) Higher PV with Higher Price or B) Lower PV with Lower Price. If you’re really serious about making money that please go for option An otherwise option B for cost saving. (Above Skin Care 6 System is a good example)

1- General Daily Commissions : 
When we accumulated 10k personal PV (1 x Evening Care Set – USD+-40), we’re at Sales Rep that we can start to accumulate Group PV for Left & Right. Above Ranking determined how much we can earn & there’re 2 ways to advance up:

  1. Accumulated by yourself by Purchasing the products
  2. Wait your group PV grow to the required advancing PVs
Personal PV is accumulated & never expired as long your membership continued (buy at least 1 item annually). Group PV never expired but will be flushed once smaller leg match required PV & become commissions.

2- Mastership Bonus : This commissions issued for qualified Masters. There is 20% of the bonus will be allocated to qualified Masters, which is 10% for Sales Master & the rest for Diamond Master & above…

The first level is SALES MASTER – Requirement is Special Agent (700k Personal PV) with a minimum of 2.5 million Group PV under each leg. If the total PV of the smaller leg exceeds 300,000 PV,  personal PV acquired during the point accumulation period can be added to the smaller leg to achieve Mastership.
Point accumulation period: 1st – 15th, 16th – end of month.
Other Mastership doesn’t need PV accummulation but only required both legs having 2 lower ranked master each in order to rank up. For example, to advance to DIAMOND MASTER, you need 2 SALES MASTERS on left leg & 2 SALES MASTERS on right leg. This applied to other advancement..
3- Mastership Promotions and Incentive : This is one-time bonus that you can get when you reach different Mastership:

Sales Master – Atomy Skin Care 6 System 2 sets, Evening Care 1 set.

Diamond Master  Tablet PC, Atomy Skin Care 6 System 2, Evening Care 1 set.

Sharon-Rose Master *RM 8,000 Cash, 2 Travel Tickets

Star Master – *RM 40,000 Cash, 4 Travel Tickets

Royal Master – *RM 200,000 Cash, *RM 8,000 Credit per month, Car rental fee, 4 Travel tickets (10 nights & 11 days)

Crown Master – *RM 1.2 Million Cash, *RM 20,000 Credit per month, a Luxury car, 4 Travel tickets (10 nights & 11 days)
Imperial Master – *RM 4 Million Cash, *RM 40,000 Credit per month, a Luxury car, an Office of Approx. 1700 sq. with a Personal Assistant, a Driver, 4 Travel tickets (10 nights & 11 days)

4- Open Education Center : After becoming Sales Master or above, you can apply from Atomy to open up your own Atomy Education Center in your own location to educate the members & also the place for seminars.

You’ll receive 6% of total PV from the members that registered under your center…Excellent!

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