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Atomy achievement

“The World is Our Stage Now”,Taking on Global Markets with Absolute Quality, Absolute Price.
Breaking the 700 billion KRW sales barrier just within 6 years 
Preparations underway to open international branches in China and other countries, following its global operations in 7 countries, including in the US and Japan, aspiring to become a ‘major global distributor’
There’s a Korean network marketing company that is soaring high toward global markets. The company is Atomy (CEO Han-gill, Park that has taken the Korean network marketing industry by storm through its remarkably fast growth, becoming the runner-up company in market share by surpassing 700 billion KRW in annual sales just within 6 years since its establishment in 2009. With its motto of ‘Absolute Quality, Absolute Price’ that goes beyond the network marketing basics of selling good products at low prices, Atomy is proudly infusing network marketing into distribution industry as a pivotal part of the industry. 
According to the Fair Trade Commission, the network marketing market in Korea has been continuously growing even amid the recent economic stagnation for the past few years. 

The domestic market for network marketing in Korea surpassed over 5 trillion KRW in sales last year, recording a threefold growth from 2007 with only 1.77 trillion KRW, and the trend of such growth is expected to continue this year. In addition, number of registered members of network marketing surpassed 7 million members, the 14% level of total population, recording an over twofold increase from 2007 with 3.2 million members.
 In June, Atomy successfully held its 7th international branch incorporation ceremony in Manila, Philippines with 7,000 attendees.

Despite such notable external growth, somewhat negative social sentiment still lingers due to a continuing perception in thinking that ‘network marketing equals pyramid schemes’ that was formed during the early years of network marketing. Network marketing, however, is certainly a legitimate distribution method according to the Door to Door Sales Act, and a positive perception has been recently spreading in that good products can be obtained at affordable prices through effective network marketing.
Right in the center of such changing perception on network marketing is Atomy. With its ‘Masstige’ strategy of Absolute Quality & Absolute Price, Atomy has been continuing its high annual growth rate of 30-40%. Its sales that were merely 84.7 billion KRW in 2010 increased tenfold last year, and the trend of such growth is expected to continue this year.
Based on such foundation, Atomy is now preparing to repeat its remarkable growth trend by going beyond the network marketing & domestic markets to distribution & global markets. The company is ambitiously marching toward its goal of becoming no. 1 global distributor, rather than settling for no. 1 place in the domestic market, by competing against not only global network marketing companies but also major distribution giants.
Expanding to Malaysian and Indian Markets following Cambodia and the Philippines

The reason why Atomy deserves attention this year is because the company is expanding its global operation. Atomy has recently expanded its business to the Philippines market. On the 28th of June, the company successfully held its international branch incorporation ceremony in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, which was attended by 7,000 people far exceeding their initial expectation of about 5,000 attendees.

Waiting in a long line stretching over 400m even several hours before the start of the event, despite scorching tropical weather, attendees displayed their high expectations for Atomy. It was an unprecedented display of enthusiasm for any Korean network marketing companies that have expanded their operation to foreign markets, and it is also a proof that “Absolute Quality, Absolute Price” works also in global markets.
Atomy’s expansion to foreign markets began as the company expanded its business to the US market in 2010. The company’s goal, from the start, has been to become a major global distributor. In 2015, six years after recording 4.6 billion KRW sales in the US market in 2010, Atomy achieved 100 billion KRW sales in five countries, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore and the US. Building upon its market expansion to Cambodia in January and new sales operation in the Philippines that officially began last month, Atomy plans to establish other overseas branches in the near future in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico and China. CEO Han-gill, Park said “We are currently preparing to establish our international branches locally in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico and China” and added, “Our plan is to establish more than 20 new branches globally within the next five years”. 
According to the company spokesperson, the company expects that they will surpass 40 million USD in exports for this year, while 300,000 members are expected to collectively record 150 billion KRW in sales in global markets. The spokesperson also revealed that Atomy plans to officially begin its new operation in Malaysia in October. All of these achievements and new endeavors make Atomy truly a global company now.
Targeting ‘Direct Sales’ in China with 1.5 Billion Consumers… Atomy receiving Local Opportunities

 CEO Han-gill, Park invited to the 9th World (China) Direct Selling Brand Festival sharing his business know-how.

Atomy’s next target is the Chinese market. With 1.5 billion population, the Chinese market is undoubtedly the world’s largest golden market not only for network marketing companies but also for every distribution company. According to the IMF, the gross domestic product (GDP) of China at current prices ranks no. 2 in the world with 11.3830 trillion USD as of 2016, while its purchasing power parity (PPP) ranks no. 1 in the world with 20.8533 trillion USD. 
Since 2005, the Chinese government has been allowing direct sale, which is referred to as ‘jigsaw’ in Chinese. China’s jigsaw sales is a distribution channel for direct sales companies that recruit sales associates (jigsaw personnel) that sell products to consumers at places other than designated places of businesses, and it is similar to Korea’s direct sales combining door to door sales and network marketing. In the midst of current situation where 40% of direct sales companies in China are foreign based companies, the Chinese government is currently implementing strict licensing procedures to restrict the number of direct sales companies. 

According to World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA),  China’s direct sales market for last year recorded 35.4560 billion USD (40.7000 trillion KRW) in sales, an increase by 19% from 2014, ranking no. 2 in the world next to the US (36.1200 billion USD). However, while the US has been showing 4.8% annual growth rate for the last three years, China with 22.5% ultrahigh annual growth rate is expected to safely take over no. 1 position this year.
Although the Korean direct sales market climbed up to no. 3 position in the world in its ranking following the US and China, Korean companies are still struggling to make a name for themselves in China. Several Korean cosmetics companies with decades-long know-how in door to door sales are expanding their business to the direct sales market in China, but they still have a long way to go. 

Amid such circumstance, a recent event has convinced Atomy that its Masstige strategy will also work in China. A Chinese media organization recently invited CEO Han-gill, Park to attend the ‘World Direct Selling Brand Festival’ that was attended by many Chinese government officials, professors and leaders of direct sales companies.
CEO Park’s presentation on the business know-how of Atomy that lasted for about 30 minutes was greatly received by attendees. It showed that although China is a country with complicated import/export procedures and strictest regulations on network marketing (direct sales), it is showing much interest in Atomy that is expanding its influence in global markets based on the companys Absolute Quality, Absolute Price. 
The media organization that invited CEO Park reported in its article that “(He) garnered great applause from attendees by enlightening them on a notion of ‘honesty and goodness being the best strategy’, including Atomy’s Absolute Quality, Absolute Price Masstige, value of accompanied growth, eradication of nonconforming cultures and development of a culture of humble service”. Atomy through partnership with Kolmar Korea plans to open an office for making necessary preparations to expand its business to the Chinese market next year. 
Atomy’s secret of success is ‘honesty’ and ‘sharing’. Its effort to incorporate honesty and integrity into network marketing, while adhering to the principle of Absolute Quality, Absolute Price, paid off. Doing worthwhile business that contributes to our society, country and humankind, rather than chasing after money, is Atomy’s goal that has been established upon much deliberation.

It is also Atomy’s unchanging business philosophy and unyielding determination to reinvest profits generated by its overseas branches in respective countries to open new doors to export great products made in these countries. Atomy’s ‘goodwill business’ of donating wells and constructing hospitals in remote regions of Cambodia, as well as establishing schools in India is shedding light in various parts of the world.
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