Monday, June 10, 2019

why join atomy business prelonching in INDIA

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Federal Way, Washington, Atomy is a Korean skincare and cosmetics company in the multi-level marketing industry. The MLM business, which is built upon the Christian belief system, seeks to produce and deliver high-quality, affordable cosmetics and personal care products made with all-natural ingredients. Atomy also sells dish detergent and some health supplements. The compay's strategy is to provide "Absolute Quality Absolute Price". The company operates in the United States, Canada, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore. comming.......
Things to remember: No startup fees Commissions are paid after qualifying for point accumulations No inventory requirements Rewards and incentives Affordable products Atomy does not require individuals to pay a startup fee in order to become independent distributors. Atomy business members are classified into five different types of dealerships as distributors, depending on the total purchased sales volume and monthly commission level received by the company. In consecutive order, these five levels are Sales Representatives, Agents, Special Agents, Dealers, and Exclusive Distributors. Commissions : Atomy offers a binary compensation plan with unlimited levels. Generated personal volume continually accumulates and never gets taken away from. Atomy members are eligible to receive 44 percent commissions on their entire sales personal volume generated weekly. Once individuals have accumulated at least 10,000 PV, they are eligible to start receiving commissions on the personal volume of recruited team members. Members can also receive a 2 percent multi-matching bonus and a 20 percent matching bonus. Atomy claims to be the number one company for highest amounts of incentives paid. No Inventory Requirements : Distributors sell Atomy products through online shopping malls. However, Atomy does not require its independent distributors to purchase or keep inventory. Rewards and Incentives : Atomy offers its distributors multiple ways to achieve various promotions, rewards, and incentives for their sales masters. These financial perks and incentives include travel tickets, car rentals, studio apartment rentals, laptop computers, and paid assistant salaries. Atomy is one of the few companies to offer these types of perks and incentives. Affordable Products : Distributors may be intimidated by the 10,000 PV sales minimum. However, Atomy attributes several personal volume points to affordable products. Atomy appears to give consumers an interesting way to earn significant income and achieve higher sales ranks without breaking household budgets. The Health and beauty product lines, including Atomy skin care products, are made entirely of organic herbs and may be effective on all skin types - oily skin as well as dry skin. Some popular products include Atomy BB Cream, 7 Solutions Peeling Gel Masks, eye cream, and herbal hair shampoo.
Atomy is a multi-level marketing company that offers a multitude of cosmetics and skin care products. The company does not charge any initial startup fees to join the business opportunity and products are affordable for most consumers. Atomy utilizes a binary compensation plan that allows distributors to earn up to 44 percent commissions on their entire sales personal volume each week. The company also offers other generous and lucrative incentives and bonuses. However, Atomy does not provide much in the way of support and training for its independent distributors. Additionally, the company has a commission cap in place that restricts distributors from receiving more than 35 percent commissions on total sales volume.

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