Monday, June 10, 2019

Atomy Evening Care 4 Set

Atomy Evening Care 4 Set Atomy Deep Cleanser has the following Fresh Organic Herbs: - Ginseng and Ginkgo biloba extract provides vitality to tired skin to keep skin firm. - Green tea extract manages skin tone to be brilliant to make your skin clean and clear. - Carrot extract and tocopherol acetate provides nutrients in addition to cleansing effect to make your skin glossy and moist. Directions: Step 1- After applying deep cleansing cream, massage softly to promote blood circulation. Step 2- When the epidermal layer is relaxed, moisture and nutrients are absorbed into the skin. Giving skin vitality and firmness. Step 3- This regenerates skin barriers and makes skin moist, soft and glossy. Foam Cleanser: - Rich foam removes sebum in pores to help maintain clean and healthy skin. - After washing your face, moisturizing ingredients of beta-glucan prevents tightening of skin after wash and rich nutrients of Phellinus linteus/ vegetable worm extracts make your skin vivid and glossy. - Glycyrrhetinic acid contents takes care of skin troubles and helps keep sensitive skin comfortable.
Peeling Gel has the following Fresh Organic Herb: - Willow bark extract has antibacterial effect removes horns without skin irritation and making dull skin looking clear & bright - Fresh organic herbs has excellent moisturizing effect, prevents skin dryness after peeling and maintains skin moisture for a long time. - Citrus grandis (grapefruit) for trouble /acne prone skin, calms & protects skin from harmful environments. - Peeling ingredients softly absorb and remove skin wastes during massage. - Make sure you leave the Peeling gel on for only 2 min. & not longer, then rub off the dead skin cells. Mask has the following effects: - When mask adheres closely to the skin, the epidermal layer is relaxed removing & absorbing horns or debris from the skin surface. - When the epidermal layer is relaxed, moisture and nutrients are absorbed into the skin easily, giving skin vitality and firmness. - Skin wastes are absorbed and removed from skin. Large & open pores are tightened and skin is renewed, leaving skin smooth and buoyant. - To have a lifting effect, you can apply a thin layer of mask on when you go to bed as Atomy's mask is biodegradable allowing your skin to breathe even while you sleep.

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