Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Why Atomy and what makes them so special

Why Atomy and what makes them so special
Atomy’s formula for customer success:
#1 Quality Products – Atomy products are of very high quality and they work! People are being helped with better skin and better health. Atomy doesn’t just have customers they have raving fans of their products. It sure is true in our home, Atomy products are everywhere.

#2 Low Prices – Atomy has great prices. You feel good sharing Atomy with others because the prices are so good and you don’t feel like you’re taking advantage of people. For example our nano-gold antibacterial toothbrush is only $1.12 USD each. Our 50g tube of green tea, bee propolis toothpaste is only $1.32 USD each, our eco-friendly powder laundry detergent that does 133-200 loads is only $12.50 USD. The skin care products also can’t be beat in both quality and price.

#3 No Joining Fees – Atomy is free to join and there is no monthly purchase obligations.

#4 No Auto-Ship – Atomy believes in allowing people to buy what and when they want.
Money Making Opportunity / Residual Income – Atomy has a very easy compensation plan.To qualify to start earning commissions you only need to accumulate at least 10k PV which is about $30 in products! Then to keep your membership active you just need to buy a product within 12 months. Even if that product is just 4 tubes of toothpaste for $5.30.
#6 Unlimited International Group – With Atomy the number of people in your group is unlimited. A purchase made from any person from any country in your group accumulates the same points. You also have one membership id for the entire world and being able to diversify your income to include other countries as they open to Atomy.
#7 You’re not alone – With Atomy you are not alone in building your group. People from a group you are in either above or below you can add people to your group. By joining our group we can give you the training, tools and resources to help you succeed.

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