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Negative Product List by FDSA

Negative Product List by FDSA :-
Products & Services Mentioned Below are #Banned to Promote through Direct Selling / MLM from 1st August 2016 . Below Mentioned Products & Services will Not Come Under Direct Selling Category .
Companies Promoting any such Banned Products or Services Through a Medium of Direct Selling or MLM will be Liable for Strict Legal Actions .

Negative list of Products :
(Not to be Promoted by Companies Deploying Direct, Single Level and Multilevel Marketing Compensation Plans) :
1) Financial products like Cash Deposits / Investments –
in/for/in the form of – Stocks, Shares /I.P.O ,Debentures, Preferential Shares, Forex Trading, Plantations, Farming, Infrastructure Projects, Resorts, Car Lease , Trading in Commodities, Live Stocks like Birds, Poultry, Emu, Etc, Animals (Rabbit, Goats, Cows, Buffaloes, etc), Plantations, HYIP , etc.
2) Life Insurance policies other than offered by qualified Individuals as per the IRDA norms.
3) Car or other Vehicle Lease / Vehicle Advertisement Schemes .
4) All Types of Virtual Currency Promotions / Crypto Currency Promotions ( BitCoin / One Coin / Yocoin / Hitcoin / Etherium / Litecoin / DogeCoin etc)
5) Discount Coupons/Vouchers/Cards etc.
6) Real Estate ( Plot or Property Sale or Lease )
7) Bid coupons / Bid Vouchers / Bid Ewallet.
8) Quiz Portals
9) Holiday Coupons / Vouchers Or Advance Purchase of Vacation Packages.
10) Betting / Gambling Activities
11) Advertising Packages with Weekly Returns .
12) “Sell or offering to sell Bit Coins/Crypto Currency, Forex products, Shares & Debentures and Commodity Exchange services.”
13) Websites / Web space, Online Education, Online Training , Bidding Portals etc.
14) Get paid- to click, to give surveys, to watch advertisements, to receive SMS & emails and to invest in Advertising Medium.
15) Time Sharing services like Holiday Packages/Travel Coupons/Vouchers.

16) Gifting/Helping/Donations or similar kind of funding schemes where there is no sale proceeds & invoicing in that transaction.
17) Online & Offline media subscriptions/Classified Ads marketing etc.
18) Products or services that are restricted as per "Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act 1954" India.
19) Gimmick products like Yantra – Mantra – Tantra
20) Crowd Funding Ventures.
21) All Products with False Claims or without Proper Labelling .( Fake Certifications etc )
22) Tobacco based products
23) Products used for intoxication.
24) Fake Career Plans
25) All Get Quick Rich Schemes with False Claims .
Initiated for Direct Sales Industry Cleaning Mission .
Important Note : Few Products can be promoted on special conditions from the List Above .Details will be soon available from the Direct Selling Regulatory Body .
( Govt of India ).

Please Promote this Message in all MLM / Network Marketing Groups and also with all your Friends & Colleagues working in Direct Selling Industry .
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