Wednesday, May 08, 2019


I see you are interested in my job offer here the details of the job:
Become part of our sales team of the biggest shopping community in the world, with 47 countries open and over 15 million app users, with HQ in Austria.
The billion dollar company CashbackWorld has opened it‘s doors in India and gives thousands of shopping opportunities to its users online & offline.
In order to enlarge the network of our loyalty program, we want to offer a limited number of people the opportunity to become sales representative and earn a highly competative income!

What are we expecting:
- network of small & middle sized entreprises
- confidence with direct sales
- honesty & integrety
- result oriented person
What we are offering:
- highly competative income
- possibility to get free workshops
- independent working environment
If you‘re interested, please send a message to me if you dont please leave the group. I will send you a video from our busines info!
joining  link :-

There is a complete video tutorial which I send you where you will be guided step by step to success

I think many have not considered my offer
You can earn 5,000 rupees a day
that equals 140000 rupee per month and it goes even further to generate a passive income incidentally so you do not have to work in 2 years at the latest and earn full automatically

                              ASHISH KUMAR PATHAK

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